our csa is no longer in operation.

 What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a seasonal agreement between member and farmer. By joining a CSA you pledge your support during the hardest time of year. Your investment allows us to cover the cost of seeds, soil amendments, and necessary materials to get the season started. In return, you get a weekly share of the harvest once the farm is alive and buzzing. 

In joining the CSA, you are sharing not only in the bounty of the harvest but the risks that are inherent in agriculture. We focus on crop diversity, giving us greater security in the event of crop failures and inclement weather patterns. 

Our CSA runs 20 weeks: from mid-May to mid-October. There are four options for pick up:

* Tuesdays at the West Asheville Tailgate Market (3:30 PM - 6:30 PM) NOTE: THIS OPTION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

*Saturdays at Asheville City Market (8 AM-12PM).

*Directly from the farm in Marshall (Little Pine/Upper Paw Paw) on Fridays anytime after 6 PM.

*At Madison Natural Foods in downtown Marshall any time after 1:30pm on Tuesday during store hours.

We do ask that you stick with the pick up location you choose for the duration of the season. Also if you're out of town one week, we recommend having a neighbor/friend pick up your box for you. With enough advance notice your share can be picked up at another location. However, we prefer to not make a habit of this as it can get confusing on our end. If you miss pickup without any notice, there are no additional boxes packed later. Typically, I reserve one week out of the season for a vacation in August.  We will skip pick up that week, and add it on to the end of the season.

We offer Full Shares for $500 . Our shares are done in the traditional box style. Full Shares are quite adequate for families, couples, or individuals who regularly cook. We have discontinued our half share option and suggest that those interested split a Full share with a friend. We prefer payments be made in full at the time you join. However, if you are unable to pay the full amount upfront, we ask for $250 as a deposit and the remaining $250 to be paid by April 1st. Contact us at: soilseeker@gmail.com or 828.575.4028 if you have any questions. 

You can join the CSA one of two ways:

1. By printing and filling out the form below and returning it with payment to PO Box 124 Marshall, NC 28753.                               Checks can be made out to Paper Crane Farm.       FORM

2.Purchase your share directly on the website below. Payments by credit/debit are accepted via Stripe. 

Sample Shares: 


1 bunch radish  or  1 bunch salad turnips

1 bunch green onions   1 bunch kale/chard

1 head lettuce         2lb. summer squash

1lb. broccoli/cauliflower  1 bunch beets

1 bag spinach     1 bok choi

1 head of cabbage

Early August

1 bunch beets     1 bunch carrots

1lb. potatoes   1 pint cherry tomatoes

1lb. green beans    1/4lb. basil

1lb.  eggplant       2-3lb. tomatoes

1lb. peppers       2 heads garlic     

1lb. cucumbers          1lb. summer squash

Mid-Late September

1 bunch radishes/turnips

1 bunch beets  1 bunch carrots

1 bulb fennel     1 bunch kale/chard

1 lb. potatoes     1 head lettuce

1 bunch leeks    1 bok choi

1 lb. onions        2 heads garlic

1 winter squash  1 bunch kohlrabi

1/2lb. arugula     1/2lb. salad mix